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A Gut Feeling

Only the best skunk rawk...ever!


And so this journey draws to a close, as A Gut Feeling is now no more. Some of our members have gone on to greater things, more specifically the new ska band No Refund.



2/9/02-NEW SHOW!!!!! On Saturday, the 23rd of February at the Westcott Community Center. Come on out and have fun! I will!

1/27/02-Been a while, eh? Anyways, I am proud to announce that A Gut Feeling has EXPANDED, we are now bigger, better, and more bad-ass. We don't have any shows coming up (sorry, people) but speaking of shows, we've acquired some pictures of our first one at Planet 505. I'll have them up soon.

1/14/02-Thank you all that came to the Wescott back on Friday!!! If you missed it, and still want to see us, I am sorry to say we don't have any shows set up for the future, but keep checking, and you'll find out if we're playing again!

1/5/02-Thanks to everyone who came by for our show on the 29th. If you missed it, DON'T WORRY! We're playing another show THIS FRIDAY!!! January 11th at the Westcott Community Center. Details, as always, are in the "Shows" section. Also, NEW PICTURES OF GREG!!! That's right, prepare to get a new(er) look at everyone's favorite breakdancing trombone player!!!

12/24/01-We have a show THIS SATURDAY!!! December 29th at Planet 505 from 5-10PM. Keep your calendars open, people! Details are in the "Shows" section.

12/11/01-They say don't count your chickens before they hatch, so you shouldn't count your shows until they're booked. We just learned that lesson. We aren't playing at the dance on the 14th, so you'll have to find some other way to see us if you want to.

12/3/01-There is a new poll up (by the way, Greg won the hottest band member poll) and the SILLY PICTURES!!! sector is up. Go in there, laugh, and contribute!!!

12/3/01-We've been to the studio, and would like to thank Mr. Miller for being a good guy. Our demo CD will be out soon. Contact any band member if you want one. They will cost $4 each. If you can't get a hold of us, they wil be sold at the December 14th dance. If you can't reach us, and you can't get to the dance, we can't help you, you're screwed.

12/1/01-Our first show is finally here!!! Along with the show comes the "Shows" section of the site, where you'll find everywhere we are going to play in the future.

11/25/01-PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Our trombone player (Greg) was pushed multiple times while skanking up a storm at a recent Skatos show. We here at A Gut Feeling do not advocate that type of behavior in any way.

11/23/01-In case you haven't noticed, the poll is up. Tell us who you think is the hottest! Next person to vote for Greg wins a prize!!!

11/12/01-The site is finally complete!!! Pics are up, as well as a guestbook and other things as well. Thank you for coming, and may the Force be with you!

11/3/01-Ahh, yes. A site has been born from the chaos and disaster of Pete's basement.......Why is there this destruction, you ask? A Gut Feeling is present and rockin' down the house.


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