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A Gut Feeling
About the Band

Why on earth would you care about the band!?

Crawlin' from the deep, we, A Gut Feeling arise. Who is this new band, and where did they come from? Well, wait no more for the answer to that silly little question. A Gut Feeling comes from the tiny little microscopic suburb called F-Town. The band plays a sort of swingin' ska punk music. Although we didnt ever get a damn thing done we are coming along quite fine now and are waiting to play shows very soon. As for the band you can learn more about us as individuals on the personal pages. Be sure to check out the rest of this site and look at the fun-filled energetic pics. Tootles!

We are:

Jeremy: lead guitar, lead vox

Pat: trumpet, backup vox

Greg: trombone, breakdancing, backup vox

Mike: Tubs, ladies, backup vox

Etc:Bass, Age of Empires II:The Age of Kings.....backup vox

Casey:saxophone, yelling at jeremy

Ben:Trombone, wearing a fedora

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